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Quantity of Pasta and Rice per person

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Have difficulties in getting the portions correct? As in rice, getting the right quantity of pasta per person is not always a simple task. If there is too much pasta for the sauce, the dish becomes insipid and tasteless, if there is not enough pasta your guests starve. A way to calculate the correct quantity of pasta is knowing the relationship between the pasta type and the weight of pasta before cooking:

1. When serving pasta as the principal dish:
Pasta with a filling such as ravioli or tortellini: 175-200g per person
Spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne, farfalle: about 100g per person
For lasagne use 2 to 3 sheets per person.
For canellone use 3 to 4 per person.

2. When serving with other dishes
Use approximately 70g per person

3. Rice
If being served for garnishing: about 90g per person (¼  cup)
If serving as principal dish: about 180g per person (½ cup)

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