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Strips of Turkey with Sautéed Portobello Mushrooms and Laminated Almonds

Meat A- A+

Preparation Time: QUICK
Serves: 6

• 500g Turkey steaks, cut into strips
• 200g Laminated Portobello Mushrooms
• 25g Laminated Almonds
• Salt and Pepper from the Mill, to taste
• 200g Couscous
• 2dl Vegetable Stock (prepared)
• 1dl Gallo First Crop Olive Oil

our the hot vegetable stock over the couscous and let it soak all the liquid. Then drizzle with part of the Gallo First Crop Olive Oil and season with salt and pepper.
Sautée the laminated almonds in a non-stick skillet. Put aside to add later.
In the same skillet sautée the mushrooms in the rest of the olive oil. Put aside for later.
Sautée the turkey, add more olive oil if necessary and when ready put on a serving dish., adding the mushrooms and over these the laminated almonds.
Serve with the vegetable couscous.


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