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Small Wonton Filled With Meat and Carrot

Baby A- A+

Preparation Time: MEDIUM
Serves: 1


  • Pork loin: 250g
  • Gallo Extra Virgin My First Olive Oil: appropriate amount
  • Soy sauce: 3-4 spoon
  • Shrimp: 1 handful of
  • Cooked sesame seed: 1 handful of
  • Garlic: 1 clove
  • White sugar: a few
  • Carrot: half 
  • Wonton wraps: appropriate amount

1. Wash 250g pork loin complementary and make it into mush with food supplement machine. The meat mash is easy for babies to eat and chew.
2. Drop Gallo My First Olive Oil into the pot, add diced carrots and stir-fry, in order to arouse nutritional components.
3. Put fried carrot and a clove of garlic into the food supplement machine to make it into mush. The garlic is to deodorize meat.
4. Mix meat mush with carrot and garlic mush, 3-4 spoon of soy sauce, a bit sugar (no adding if you do not like sweet), a handful of shrimp (fresh and can increase calcium).
Mix the mush to one direction with the chopsticks!
5. Cut the wonton wrapper into four pieces, and make them into small wontons. It's suitable for babies to eat!

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